Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Little MoFo FoMoCup: The Hardware

This serious piece of hardware is the 2011 FoMoCup prize! Greg has completed the trophy and will be shipping it to the glorious and triumphant winners, Byte Marks (Marx?) Racing1.

I'll let Greg's words speak for themselves, as he is the trophy's designer and fabricator2:

"The base is a 40hp/1200cc VW camshaft topped off with a piston and connecting rod out of a 1098cc Morris Minor engine. The intake valves are out of a Ford Fiesta and the [Ford] emblem and car were affixed using super glue."

The car affixed to the top is a glittertastic Hot Wheels Cosworth Escort.

Is it not a work of beauty?

1 If you're in a spendin' mood, buy a Byte Marks shirt. It will crush your will in a most comradely way!

2 I'm glad that Greg came through, because my idea was to cut the head off a thrift-store tennis trophy and super-glue the Hot Wheels Escort in the head's place.

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