Thursday, November 3, 2011

Happy Fun Video Times!

Enjoy some video footage of the 2011 24 Hours of LeMons race at Autobahn Country Club!

Timelapse video of Tech/BS Inspection (Shot by Murilee Martin):

Racing 4 Nickels visits the Penalty Box (R4N basically has the entire race on video from their vantage point. Check out their YouTube channel):

The Jetta team enjoying their Class B trophy while their car's Eurotrash techno arms pump away (and Jay Lamm announces the Metro as the Class C winner):

The SHObocop Taurus participates in the bikini-top car wash penalty, apparently the invention of Keith from Byte Marks Racing (who shot the video):

Video shot from the Smokey Saturn team while they chased the MetSHO/Gaguar; includes a minute or so of video of Kiko driving the Escort:

I may post more video if I can find some, but there is quite a bit on the youtubes.

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