Friday, September 2, 2011

Updates and such

Well, I've been exceedingly busy with life and some such nonsense, but I've worked on the car a couple times in the last month. Accomplished:

- The clutch was bled but didn't disengage properly. Kiko and I worked to replace the slave with one from the donor transmission. It worked like a charm, and the clutch functions as it should.

- The tachometer and temperature gauges both work.

- Windshield wipers work (without any ridiculous devices even).

- Steering wheel put back on. We've opted not to use the aftermarket wheel, which will require us to buy a hub adapter. In the interest of time and simplicity, we've decided to use the current one.

- Nixon is prepared for a new mounting method on the car. It should be interesting, and it looks pretty amazing.

- New dark-matter power source installed.

- Instrument cluster is mounted, though I haven't seen it. Kiko removed the plastic covers and just mounted the black box somewhere near the dash bar.

- 2 spare Falken Azenis RT-615Ks obtained for about $135 all-in, including gas to get them from a long and arduous journey. I call this a victory, though some disagree. Since they retail for $120 each (or so) and these have good tread depth yet, I think I win.

- Preparations made for competition-within-a-competition.

TO DO (from memory, because the actual to-do list is in the garage an hour from here):

- Replace exhaust system/install new header

- Fix fuel gauge, which doesn't appear to work. Not sure what the problem is, but this would sure be helpful.

- Add brake ducting. This will be dryer hose, likely.

- Replace timing belt pulley (maybe).

- Check water pump (with pulley off). Check radiator overflow.

- Finish mounting Nixon to roof.

- Possibly add additional tubing over driver's head.

- Finish roll-bar padding.

- Work on two-way comms for car.

- Obtain bribe(s).

- Find a tow vehicle. This one's kind of important.

Naturally, I'll be gone for the next 3+ weeks, as I'm getting hitched and then honeymooning in the big country. Alan will be around for a week with plans to at least attend to the exhaust system.

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  1. Scheduling the to do list for the second race seems harder than the first which was a mad scramble at all times it seems. For us the things we absolutely need to do is basically remount the seat and get new tires. Then there are the things we really should do like change fluids, and then the things we would like to do. It really feels like its going to take us a couple more races to really get this figure out and turned into a good process.