Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Team Resignation nabs (kind of) coveted Ununhexium Medal

Judge Phil released his award winners from the 2010 24 Hours of LeMons season. We are in some esteemed company, which includes the POS Racing/F'ed Up Express E30, the Corsa Nostra Alfa GTV6, the Double Jeopardy Fiero, the one-lap wonder Hoonatic Racing guy, the epic Team Schnitzel Merkur XR4Ti, a guy who exposed himself to Judge Phil's camera on the back of a car, and a number of other amazing teams.

Read about it here!

If you're wondering what an Ununhexium Medal1 is, it's like winning a bronze medal in Olympic handball. Judge Phil also nominated Unununium ("Gold") and Ununquadium ("Silver") medals. You can read about those teams here and here, respectively.

Eric and Alan are already making arrangements for an improved, faster, and explodier Escort for 2011.

1 We enjoyed having our medal, but the 60 millisecond half-life of Ununhexium kind of precluded placing it on the mantle for more than about 300 milliseconds. Maybe we'll aim for an Unununium award next year, so we can have it for a full minute or two.

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  1. Awesome! It's nice to get recognition as one of the memorable teams of 2010.