Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Team Resignation Wins the Heroic Fix Trophy at the Rod Blagojevich Never-Say-Day 500

More detailed information to come, but the short story is that we grenaded the motor after about 75 minutes of racing. We replaced it with the engine from Alan's daily driver and then ran it all day Sunday with no major incidents. We finished 66th out of 87 entries with 217 laps and had an awesome time the whole weekend.

We don't have any pictures from our drivers/crew/friends/etc. yet, but you can see pictures of the event at the links below:

Coverage of us at BS Inspection from Judge Phil's (aka Murilee Martin) blog

Timelapse of BS Inspection

Judge Phil's pictures, including the our Nixonmobile at BS inspection, during engine swap, and back on the track for Sunday.

Pictures taken by a spectator, organized by finishing order

More pictures taken from another team, includes some pics of the engine swap in progress

Edited video of the Toyota MR2-powered Lancia Scorpion

In-car footage from Ford Taurus SHO on Sunday

In-car footage of only major crash of the weekend

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